Project definition Creative brief

We strongly believe that this is the most critical step in overall process of web development. This is the phase where we get to know you and your business. Final product of this phase is created project brief and agreement on project scope and project timeline.

Functionality outline Site structure

Great content is a heart of your website. This phase defines site structure and describes the most important pages on your website. Those valuable data are then fuzed in wireframes which serve as starting point for building visual esthetics.

Visual design Ddefine look & feelL

This is circular phase where we collaborate with our clients thru several iterations in order to create absolutely unique visual design for your website. After clients feedback the process is repeated and design is being refined until the right visual is selected.

Coding & implementing Development

Development phase of web design methodology is where good engineering meets good design. The chosen design is coded in working prototype. Our internal processes, high standards and proven methodology make sure that website is coded by highest industry standards.

Testing & refining fine tuning details

Final stage of the development process. Checking the site end to end. Testing functionality, web site is optimized to be viewed properly in the most recent browser versions. A FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is usually used to transfer the web site files to your server.

Agile support Maintenance

Web designers will be more than happy to continue working together with you. To update your own content, there is a CMS (Content Management System). Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is an area of expertise by itself, and most major companies have an SEO specialist on their own payrolls